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Date reviewed: 11/2023

The Verdict

Happy Mammoth Complete Gut Repair contains ingredients that may be in too low dose to have any benefits for gut health or ingredients that have not been shown to have any benefits for gut health. Clinical studies of this product are required before claims can be supported.

Reviews are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice


Ends digestive symptoms caused by leaky gut, IBS & other IBDs - including debilitating food sensitivity, painful bloating and cramping, wind build-up and flatulence

Soothes an irritated gut and naturally induces a deep sense of comfort - bloating, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and cramping will be things of the past

Rebuilds the gut lining into a protective fortress that keeps the bad stuff out - and only allows healthy nutrients through, to fuel your body with energy every day

Clears out fluid retention, unexplainable weight gain & uncontrollable appetite - whether they’re triggered by digestive issues, hormonal imbalances or stressful events

The Research

A meta-analysis of 26 randomized controlled trials found that hydrolysed collagen may help with skin elasticity and skin hydration at various doses from 1 to 12g per day. However, the effect for bovine collagen was not significant. To our knowledge, there is currently no clinical evidence that collagen supplements improve any aspect of gut health.

A meta-analysis of 47 studies (randomized and non-randomized) found that glycine supplementation may be helpful for sleep and metabolic health at various doses from 6 to 15g per day. However, the dose in this product is less. To our knowledge, there is currently no clinical evidence that glycine supplementation improves gut health.

A meta-analysis of 50 randomized, controlled trials showed that chicory-derived inulin-type fructans at a dose 3-20g per day may increase levels of beneficial Bifido-bacteria in healthy adults. However, the dose of chicory-derived inulin-type fructans in this product is less than 1g per serve.

What's in it?

Per 15g serve: Hydrolysed bovine collagen peptide (11,100 mg), L-glycine (2,440 mg), Inulin/Fibruline (917mg), Vitamin C (Pureway C 186 mg), Natural vanilla flavour, Vanilla bean powder, Natural stevia extract.

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