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JUVIA™ aims to free people from restrictive diets and missing out on life because of gut issues. Part of Ateria Health Ltd, JUVIA™ was created through decades of research based on the work of founders – Professor John Hunter and Dr Rosemary Waring. Professor Hunter was the first to establish that when the gut doesn’t digest food completely, especially carbohydrates, it can lead to the growth of unhealthy gut flora and this imbalance can irritate the gut.

To tackle this, JUVIA™ contains natural active ingredient ERME™ which contains high levels of natural enzymes. These enzymes help with breaking down carbohydrates before they can cause trouble in your tummy. Starving the bad bacteria of food and thus allowing the good bacteria to thrive.

As a bonus, ERME™ is derived from UK-grown, sustainable barley. This gut health supplement helps people reset their gut and address ongoing or niggling issues like IBS-related symptoms (diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, and wind).

Powered by plants, JUVIA™ is both good for the gut, and environmentally conscious. That’s why it’s a perfect preferred partner for Tummy MOT.

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