Fermented 5 Challenge

From tangy tempeh to kimchi with a kick, fermented foods are full of flavour and they pack a punch when it comes to taking care of your tummy.

Want in on the fermented fun? We’ve got a challenge for you.

Introducing… The Fermented 5 Challenge. Where we put fermented foods to the test and see the benefits in real life. Read on to find out exactly how to get involved and fill your plates with our favourite fermented foods.

Fermented foods are full of brilliant bacteria. And that’s good news for your tummy. These mighty microbes help you to have a healthy gut microbiome and smooth digestion free from discomfort. Fermentation can also boost the nutrients your body absorbs from fermented foods.

Meet the Fermented 5

We’ve roped in 5 fermented food novices to take on the challenge along with our very own Mr Gut Health himself. Eating 5 fermented foods every day for 2 weeks.

Supplying the goods

4 of our favourite fermented food suppliers are fueling the challenge. They’re also dishing out discount codes to Tummy MOT subscribers exclusively.

Want in on the fermented fun?

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