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Price: £36 per month*

Date reviewed: July 2023


1. Helps combat symptoms of IBS

2. Supports gut, skin + mental health

3. Improves immunity

What's in it?

Baccilus coagulans LACTOSPORE® (10 billion) and inulin from Jersualem artichoke (1.0mg)

What does the research say?

The probiotic Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 (LACTOSPORE®) has been shown in randomized clinical trials to be helpful for bloating and symptoms of gas

In people with diarrhoea predominant (IBS-D), MTCC 5856 (LACTOSPORE®) could help to improve bowel habit, symptoms of IBS and depression

However, the clinical benefits of MTCC 5856 (LACTOSPORE®) have been shown with a dose of 2 billion cultures whereas the dose in this product is much higher at around 10 billion

LactoSporin® is a protein produced by the strain MTCC 5856 (LACTOSPORE®). Whilst LactoSporin has some evidence to benefit skin health when used topically, there is no evidence that taking LACTOSPORE® orally improves skin health

Inulin is a well-studied prebiotic fibre however the concentration of inulin in this is much lower than what has been shown to have benefits in clinical trials. Also, inulin may exacerbate IBS symptoms

The Verdict

The probiotic strain in The Nue Co PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC is potentially helpful for bloating and gas symptoms, but the claims for skin health cannot be supported. The prebiotic in this product may be too low to have any clinical benefits, but may still be sensitive to people with IBS

Reviews are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice

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