Katsu Curry Udon Noodles with Quorn Pieces


20 mins


Health benefits:

This is probably one of the easiest and quickest recipes perfect for making when you are rushed for time. However, just because it’s quick and easy doesn’t mean it lacks nutrients.

The mixed vegetables from this meal deal make it easy to consume a variety of different plants without having to buy them all separately, helping maintain and grow the diversity of your microbiome. The addition of Quorn, which is made of mycoprotein, adds a good source of protein and provides all nine essential amino acids which our bodies have to source from the foods we eat. Quorn also provides dietary fibre which is important for feeding those friendly bacteria in our guts.


  • 150g Quorn pieces
  • 1 pack of udon noodles (from the meal deal: noodles + stir fry vegetables + sauce)
  • 1 pack of mixed vegetables (from the meal deal: noodles + stir fry vegetables + sauce)
  • 1 pack of katsu curry sauce (from the meal deal: noodles + stir fry vegetables + sauce)
  • Chilli flakes (optional)
  • Olive oil


  1. Stir-fry the vegetable mix in a pan with some olive oil
  2. Add the Quorn pieces to the plan to cook and defrost
  3. Stir in the katsu curry sauce
  4. Once the Quorn pieces and vegetables are cooked, add the noodles
  5. Stir to evenly coat the noodles in the sauce and mix the vegetables in
  6. Cook the noodles and vegetables for a further 2 minutes, or until hot
  7. Serve and top with optional extras such as fresh coriander and chilli flakes if you like it spicy
  8. Enjoy

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