Putting products to the test

With so much misleading information and digestive health products that don’t live up to their promises, we’re leading the way with cutting edge studies.

We’re offering digestive health companies an industry-first opportunity to carry out research trials with our independent clinical research facilities.

This is about bringing you the scientific credibility you need to be trusted and stand out in the sea of supplements.

Real research

Driving standards

Unbiased reviews

Real research

Driving standards

Got a gut health product and want quality evidence to back it up?

Real research is essential. And we’re working hard to raise standards in the industry. We’ve conducted a wide range of studies and have a strong publication record. We’ve worked with companies big and small, setting up solid studies that deliver real impact. And we have fun doing it!

With clinics in Cambridge, London and Manchester, we do it all. From exploring the effects of FMT to putting probiotics to the test. Innovative research like this doesn’t have to break the bank.

So, whether your a big or small business, get in touch to find out what our research could do for you.

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