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Bimuno® are striving to help people lead healthier lives.

Supporting good gut health, and positive wellbeing, beyond the gut for everyone, everywhere.

They believe the key to this success starts with supporting your gut. Through 20 years of research, they know that a healthy, balanced digestive system sits at the core of your overall wellbeing.

Clasado Biosciences are the research company behind Bimuno® supplements. An established leading expert in gut-mediated wellness, they provide clinically proven solutions that improve and enrich the quality of people’s lives. They do this through an extensive research and innovation programme – which is conducted in collaboration with globally renowned research institutes.

Their high-quality products, combined with education on the importance of good gut health, are here to make a positive impact on lives around the world. And Bimuno® has proven benefits in multiple aspects of health and wellbeing. With research showing Bimuno® is effective in supporting digestive health through nourishing beneficial bacteria in the gut, which is connected with overall wellbeing and mental health.

It’s for these reasons, that Bimuno is a partner of Tummy MOT. Driving industry standards and improving the world’s health… one tummy at a time.

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