Your tummy: why it’s key to your wellbeing

1st May, 2023
Your tummy - Why it's key to your wellbeing.

The key to a healthy wellbeing

Your tummy (aka the long tube making up your digestive system) is one of the most important drivers of your wellbeing from within.


For the most part, it’s thanks to trillions of pretty powerful tiny living things in your tummy, called microbes. All together, they make up what we call your microbiome.

These microbes aren’t all made equal. They’re a mix of mostly bacteria, as well as fungi and even viruses (yes that’s right, viruses aren’t all bad!). In fact, over 1,000 different types have been found in your tummy, with more being discovered as we speak.

We’re not a fan of generic “good” and “bad” labels here (our tummies are way more complex than that) – but it’s worth knowing that some of our gut bugs have been linked with a bunch of benefits, while others might come with risks to our health.

They talk to lots of different parts of our body and, as a result, they play a big role in a whole host of important systems to keep them running smoothly and working well.

Here are 4 ways your tummy tops the list of importance for your overall wellbeing:

  1. Your immunity. Those mighty microbes cleverly control your immune system, helping your body to fight off infections, reduce your risk of illnesses and keep you healthy.
  2. Your weight. Our tummy can influence weight, mainly down to the link between our microbes and our metabolism. Forget calorie counting or fad diets, looking after your tummy for better weight management is one route backed by science.
  3. Your brain and mood. Thanks to the gut-brain axis, your tummy is constantly chatting to your brain. The result? Your microbiome can make your mood go up or down, depending on whether your tummy is feeling terrific or troubled.
  4. Your tummy’s own health. Unsurprisingly, your tummy, and all the microbes living there, are super important for your digestion. From making sure our food travels through smoothly from top to bottom, to absorbing maximum nutrients from what we eat – all while striving to save us from troublesome gut symptoms along the way (when your tummy is happy and healthy, that is!).

What do these microbes need from us to keep working their magic?

Variety is the spice of life inside your tummy. When it comes to your mix of microbes, the more the merrier!

What exactly this microbe mix “should” look like is different for everyone. That’s because we all have our own totally unique microbiome, influenced by things we’re born with (like our genes) as well as things we have control over (such as our diet, as well as our hygiene, medications and even where we live).

On the flip side, when our microbiome is out of balance, our overall wellbeing can be affected. Enter tummy troubles, as well as feeling tired, suffering with skin struggles and ultimately risking health issues over time.

Taking back control and improving that all-important bacteria balance doesn’t have to be tricky. We’re here to help.

Ready to digest the details?

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